True North Group, LLC. provides consulting services to non-profits, foundations, and government agencies. 

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Helping Organizations Do Good Work

Creative Policy Strategies


Furthering Your Impact

True North Group prides ourselves on our ability to develop strategic plans for organizations and campaigns, as well as providing management support to move a policy agenda forward and/or improve the organizational capacity of nonprofits and government agencies. We are also skilled in coalition building and coordination, hosting policy briefings, convening coalition meetings, and managing issue campaigns.

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Messaging with Purpose

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True North Group is well respected for its ability to translate information fora variety of audiences. We develop communication strategies, message talking points, traditional media products (op-eds, press releases, etc.) and new media campaigns (social media, Twitter, Facebook and beyond.) We have also managed development of websites for organizations focused on policy, research and advocacy goals.

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Solid, Understandable, Useful

True North Group routinely produces issue analysis, environmental scans, stakeholder analysis, literature reviews, issue briefs and reports, and oversees survey implementation (design, execution, analysis, and reports).

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Expert Guidance

True North Group has a proven track record in successfully managing projects for our clients.  We develop project timelines, design workable budgets, oversee contractors, facilitate stakeholder engagement, and manage all the details of implementation so you don't have to. Contact us to find out how True North Group can ensure your next major project or initiative will be successful.

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Free Your Data


Free Your Data

True North Group offers training and planning support to state and county human service agencies seeking to develop and implement effective technology solutions. Ensuring interoperability of existing government data systems is critical for improving outcomes for clients, but the path to interoperability can be confusing. Agencies can connect existing siloed IT systems by using national data standards (such as NIEM) to unlock your data while maintaining the highest privacy and  security protections. We analyze existing IT systems, work with stakeholders to identify business needs and requirements, help you select appropriate IT vendors, and develop workable plans for implementation. We can help you translate your business needs to successfully implement your IT projects.

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