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True North Group provided project management support to the National Electronic Interstate Compact Enterprise, for the American Public Human Services Association, and the American Association of Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children.

NEICE is a national electronic system for transferring information to support the placement of children across state lines efficiently and securely. A pilot was launched in November 2013 to build and test an electronic system to exchange information across state lines using national data standards. Based on early promising results in reducing timelines to permanency for children, the HHS Children's Bureau provided a grant to APHSA and the AAICPC to expand NEICE nationwide. Five years later,  45 states have signed agreements to join the NEICE system, and 33 states are currently using the system.  

Project Director, Marci McCoy-Roth, has managed the NEICE project since it began as a pilot in 2013. She manages the technical vendor and project staff, directs the ongoing development and maintenance of the system, works with state and county partners to help them onboard to the system, and oversees the annual budget.

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